I am delighted to welcome all players, supporters, members of the media and officials once again to Šiauliai for a European Hockey Federation tournament. Although the Lithuanian Hockey Federation is one of the younger members of European hockey family, it has hosted a number of EHF tournaments and I know that we can all look forward to both top class hockey and a very warm welcome for which the Lithuanians have become known for. This is the second EuroHockey Nations Trophy played under the new tournament format and I am sure that the competition will be as fierce as it was in Baku two years ago. The outcome of the various Nations tournaments in 2005 reinforced my belief that this system will not only produce tournaments that are more competitive but also lead to even higher standards of hockey with in Europe. The eight teams that are playing here all have a proud and impressive history and I fully expect every game to be keenly contested. To add further spice to the competition, this year three teams will go forward from this tournament to the Olympic Games Qualifying tournaments which are being held next spring.

Interest in hockey has never been higher and more and more of the corporate giants of European business and industry wish to be associated with it. Later this year, the European Hockey Federation will launch a new and exiting Club Championship for men but I am determined that this will be extended to the women’s competition as well. None of this investment in our hockey would have been possible without the energy, focus and sacrifice of our elite athletes and we are very much in their debt for enabling us to take our sport forward in this way.

Tournaments like this do not just happen – they require a lot of hard work. It never ceases to amaze me how much hard work and effort some people put in to ensure that events like this are as memorable as they are. On behalf of the European Hockey Federation and all the national associations here, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Lithuanian Hockey Federation and its tireless President, Leonardas Čaikauskas, and his very hard working Organising Committee. Everyone should be aware of all that they have done to arrange this tournament on our behalf. We owe each and every one of them our appreciation and thanks.

Mucha suerte!

Leandro Negre
President, European Hockey Federation

Dear participants of the Championship and guests!

The City of Šiauliai is always pleased with guests and particularly with athletes granting us magnificent events, ardor and delight victory moments. The City has profound and glorious hockey traditions and I believe, not occasionally, this year the European Championship is taking place in the City of Šiauliai. We believe in remarkable victory of the Lithuanian team based on the Šiauliai players and as well I wish the very best of luck to our city guests - players from Scotland, Czechia, France, Belgium Austria, Russia and Belarus.

I wish the decisive fight and impressive competition to all players. Let this European Championship taking place in Šiauliai be unforgettable, let our city be a place where everyone would like to come back.

Good luck in the Championship!

Genadijus Miksys
Mayor of Siauliai City

Dear participants ang guests of the Championship,

Most welcome to Lithuania!

The geography of hockey is expanding further and further in Lithuania, and it is a great pleasure, indeed, to receive all of you today coming to our country. An excellent hockey field has been built, in which the women national teams from 8 countries will measure their strenght.

I cordially wish all the participants of the Eurohockey Nations Trophy (Women) 2007 the best of success competing. Let the hockey fans enjoy the matches and have unforgetable memories!

As the athletes competing in Siauliai are our olympian hopes, and it is very likely that we will find a few promising ones in this Championship, the ones, who will probably become future olympians.

Once again, I wish you the best of results, unique impressions and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Algirdas Raslanas
Director General
Department of Physical Education and Sports
under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Dear Hockey friends, dear colleagues and quest of the championship,

Best compliments for the participants, coaches, umpires, officials and spectators of Euro Hockey Nations Trophy (Women) 2007.

The city of Siauliai is the countries women’s hockey centre, here runs all the most important Lithuanian women games. The women hockey clubs of this city such as “Siauliai”, “Gintra-Strekte-Universitetas” and “Lidvija” already third decade glorifies Siauliai name all over the Europe and the players of these clubs traditionally structures the base of different age group of Lithuanian national teams.

In this autumn Lithuanian will celebrate the 30th year anniversary! The best gift for this event is that the national teams U-16, U-18 and youth U-21 will participate in European Championships between 8 strongest European national teams. The countries strongest club Siauliai “Gintra-Strekte-Universitetas” returnedt to the Elite of the European Club Championship and Vilnius HFTC already several years plays in the strongest eights of the old continent of Euro Hockey indoor championship.

This year EHF entrusted to Lithuania and to Siauliai city for the second time to host the second by importance – The Euro Hockey Nations Trophy (Women) Championship, knowing that 3 strongest teams will gel the opportunity to pass to the Olympic Games in Beijing.

The decision of EHF is not accidental, because Lithuanian Hockey Federation and SIauliai municipality during the 6 last years successfully organized the 4th European Women and Girls Championships. And for this very important event Siauliai municipality changed the old synthetic carpet into the new one!

Big thanks for this!

This Euro Hockey Nations Trophy Championship is the big opportunity for the 8 countries to prolong the fight for the tickets to the Olympic Games. I hope that those three sets of medals will remind for the winners Lithuania, Siauliai city in their further struggle for the Olympic gold in Beijing.

Hearty thanks to Siauliai city municipality, local administration and council members, section of Physical Education and Sports, Government of republic of Lithuania, Department of Physical Education and Sports, Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. For their support! And to all friends, because without your help and support, sincere help this fabulous sport event wouldn’t happen.

Leonardas Caikauskas
Lithuanian Hockey Federation president
European Hockey Federation Executive Board member

Zemaites str. 6, LT-2600 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./Fax.: +370 5 2338257, E-mail: info@zoles-riedulys.lt